Welcome Back to Sasoros Physiotherapy and Women’s Health Clinic…

We have come full circle to a new decade, 2020! What a year 2019 has been for us as a healthcare provider. On the 4th of March 2019 we opened our door to the community in Namibia and now more than 300 patients have walked through our doors. We have done over 10 radio interviews, helping educate the nation on different physical and women’s health related conditions. People were excited to have us as a physiotherapy provider bringing a new wind of information …

We are currently knee-deep in planning 2020’s events and there will be some exciting experiences to share with the country and the world. We will be:

  • launching a one-day antenatal group exercise and information session in the Erongo region
  • collaborating with lodges and other holiday places for their employees to access information or treatment if need be
  • launching weekend clinics in areas where physiotherapy is inaccessible to the general population, in rural areas.
  • aiming to educate on health matters and will continue to do our pro-bona work 
  • continuing to advocate on the prevention and minimising the risks of cancers
  • continuing to educate the public on healthy living in the form of physical activity. Lack of physical activity can have a damaging effect on your quality of life, often jeopardising one’s mental health. We are here to help you improve your physical activity outcome in line with the WHO recommendations.

Our doors are open for those who would like to chat, or just sit and stare – we are here for those who need someone to talk to with regards to GBV, mental health difficulties. We will get in contact with people or organisations that will be able to assist. We aim to create a safe place of contact for those in need, during the times of mental health breakdown, domestic violence and other social issues.

Thank you for supporting Sasoros Physiotherapy Clinic; these are exciting times at our clinic and in our country and I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve in-store for 2020.

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Sasoros Physiotherapy Clinic
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