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Class Overview

At Sasoros Women’s Health and Physiotherapy Clinic, we can help you prepare physically and mentally for the birth of your baby.

Who Should Attend

Our antenatal class is a structured 8-week course designed and led by a specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist.  Our classes are suitable for all stages from 21 weeks.

We have a maximum of 10 ladies per class.


At the end of the course, partners are welcome to attend and join you to celebrate with a selection of healthy snacks and drinks.


One off payment of N$850 for the 8 weeks (can also be charged to Medical Aid) 

As experts in movement and exercise and with a thorough knowledge of risk factors and pathology and their effects on all systems, physiotherapists are the ideal professionals to promote, guide, prescribe and manage exercise activities and efforts. Exercise promotes wellbeing and fitness

World Confederation for Physical Therapists

Timetable for 2021

We have listened to feedback from the previous antenatal classes we had throughout 2020 and have made some changes. The classes are now for 8 weeks (6 weeks only the mother, 2 weeks for the father/partner or family member). This means the father will have information necessary to support the mom to be through the last stages of pregnancy and after delivery. We believe this will also enable to build a little awareness and sensitivity to what pregnancy is for the father. This will increase the pricing of the classes to N$850.00

Antenatal class schedule for 2021

Day Date Time Final Class
Wednesday 20/01/21 18:00 13/03/21
Saturday 23/01/21 10:00 13/03/21
Wednesday 24/03/21 18:00 15/05/21
Saturday 27/03/21 10:00 15/05/21
Wednesday 26/05/21 18:00 17/07/21
Saturday 29/05/21 10:00 17/07/21
Wednesday 28/07/21 18:00 18/09/21
Saturday 31/07/21 10:00 18/09/21
Wednesday 29/09/21 18:00 20/11/21
Saturday 02/10/21 10:00 20/11/21

In December we will only run information sessions and not full-on exercise classes as we will clash with Christmas of 2021. These can be booked individually as required with partner or family support.

Please call 061 244232 to book or if you have any questions.

What to expect…

Each session involves 15 mins of discussion before 30 mins of “pregnancy safe exercises”.  The topics covered are:

Changes in the body and exercising during pregnancy

Learn what changes you can expect in your body during pregnancy and how it will affect you. We show you how you can keep fit and active throughout your pregnancy and be confident you are doing the right things.  Find out the benefits of keeping active through pregnancy and learn safe exercise regimes.

The pelvic floor

Discover the functions of the pelvic floor and how is it affected by pregnancy and birth. Learn how to exercise it in order to strengthen it and how to release it for birthing.

Pelvic girdle and back pain

Find out why you can experience pelvic girdle and back pain in pregnancy and importantly what you can do about it. We also able to offer 1-1 treatments with the physiotherapist if your pain is severe.

Perineal massage

Discover what and where is the perineum and how you can prepare it for birth using massage which you or your partner can do. 

Birth preparation and optimal foetal positioning

Find out about the movements of the pelvis, how it helps the birth process and positions you can use during birthing. Discover how you can help the baby get in a good position for birth.

Postnatal Recovery

We advice you on how to look after yourself during those early days and what you should avoid. Find out what is normal after birth, what isn’t and when should you seek help. You can ask the Physiotherapist to visit you after delivery to advise on safe movements and how to carry your baby.

Pregnancy Exercise

Throughout the course you will learn  pregnancy-safe exercises, stretches and movements to increase body awareness, improve pelvic mobility, improve efficiency of movement and maintain strength.  The exercises are a mix of Pilates, gym ball and other movement concepts.


What our clients say …

“I’d definitely recommend ante natal classes, especially led by a physiotherapist”

Watch the video to hear Dr Reginald talk in full about what she gained from the class.

Dr Reginald Ngihepa

“My advice is that as fathers we need to be more involved … learn to know how to support your partner”

Watch the video to hear Bennie talk about the antenatal classes from a father’s standpoint.

Bennie Spiegel

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Places are strictly limited to six per class

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